In our second episode, Judy and Keith discuss the popular NBC series,Quantum Leap , with students Marina Frants and Juliette Moore, and screenwriter Duane Brodnick.  Plus, Keith reviews Classics Illustrated as published by First Publishing and Berkley Books.

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Trivia: This is the episode where we instituted the “Colm Meaney Watch” - a request to our viewers to check in with any appearances of the Star Trek actor as we really wanted him on the show.  We never got him.  The set looks different here, but it’s more in line with what we would be doing in terms of having Judy in the center and the guests about her.

Original Airdate: August 20, 1990
Lucky Shot Productions - Cyborgs-A Bionic Podcast: Bionic Shows Roundtable, Part 2

Before we begin our look at each and every episode of the series, we present a Roundtable discussion John and Paul hosted on The Chronic Rift.  This discussion was so big John split it into two parts.  In our second part, they discuss the reunion movies and the resurgence of the popularity of the series.  They also look at the making of the DVD sets.They are joined by Joseph Burns, Matt Hankinson, and James Sherrard, three people who, along with Paul, were involved heavily with the creation of the DVD sets for both series.

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Just saying how it was about time for a Munsters reboot


Throughout the 60’s Bonanza dominated Sunday nights on NBC.  Even the departure of star Pernell Robert in the 64-65 season didn’t stop its dominance.  


In 1968 on Saturday nights, Americans were tuning into Adam-12, the Jack Webb produced police drama, on NBC.


Friday nights in 1965 saw The Man from Uncle in its second season.  Yes, there was a time when a show on Friday night at 10pm was in the top twenty of television programs for the season.


A cultural phenomenon was born in 1966 with the premiere of Star Trek on NBC.  The show only lasted one year on Thursday nights before being moved to Fridays and was never a ratings hit, but it went on to become part of our lexicon and a mythos that is almost worshiped by some.

Lucky Shot Productions - 18: In Review - Fiduciary Concerns

The gang is back for another review episode. This time, we take on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Kings, NBC, the How to Grow Your Geek podcast, and the Get Smart collection on DVD. Plus, Andrea offers several new books, David offers praise and lashes for a number of comic books, Derrick reviews Slumdog Millionaire, and Keith opines about midseason replacements Castle and The Unusuals. For more Rift goodness, check us out on the web at